Who is Tasha Chemel?

I am an accomplished educator, executive functioning coach, and writing tutor. I have a master’s degree in social work from Boston College and a master’s in education from Harvard University, and have completed an accredited course on Coaching Teens and College Students with ADHD through JST Coaching. 

I work with adults eighteen and older on executive functioning and emotion regulation skills. If you are struggling to conform to neurotypical expectations while juggling school, work, and “adulting,” I can help.

I will partner with you to find ways to stay motivated, decrease procrastination, and reduce stress.  I am blind and neurodivergent, so I can also work with you on issues related to disability identity.

When I’m not coaching, I enjoy writing, throwing huge ramen bowls in my home pottery studio, or seeking out the spiciest chai latte.

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I offer a free fifteen-minute consultation so you can determine whether I’m the right coach for you. If cost is a concern for you, I have a limited amount of free or reduced cost slots. Please email me to discuss.

(Please note: I only work with individuals 18 years of age and older)

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Whether you need help for yourself, a young adult, or a loved one, coaching can help detangle the knots that make things difficult for those with ADHD or other executive functioning challenges.

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